Molybdenum Parts

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Molybdenum Parts

Toshiba Materials produces a range of molybdenum products using the wealth of powder sintering technology we have amassed during our years in business.

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Molybdenum Discs

Molybdenum has outstanding heat dissipation with a similar thermal expansion coefficient to silicon. Because of these properties, it is used as an IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) material.

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Molybdenum Collimators

Molybdenum is used in various X-ray blocking materials due to its property as an insulator against X-rays. Toshiba Materials produces collimators for medical X-ray devices.

Glass Melting Electrodes

Molybdenum is well suited for glass melting electrodes as it has a high melting point (over 2600℃), extremely high electrical and thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient and lack of staining when melted with glass. Toshiba Materials is able to produce large electrodes.

High-Temperature Furnace Parts

Molybdenum has a high melting point (over 2600℃), low vapor pressure and can be molded into a variety of sizes and shapes through powder molding and sintering, making it well suited for high-temperature furnace parts such as heaters, furnace boats, heating chambers, reflectors, protective tubes and nozzles.

Molybdenum Mesh

The antennas of man-made satellites consist of a mesh antenna folded up small, which is opened out wide in space. Satellites like this need to be made from a material that has a strong resistance to high temperatures, a low thermal expansion coefficient and high electrical conductivity, as well as being non-magnetic and strong. Molybdenum has all of these properties, making it well suited as a mesh antenna material for man-made satellites.

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Molybdenum Caps

Usually, it is difficult to draw a molybdenum cap at a greater depth than its diameter, as wrinkles occur. Toshiba Materials, however, has created a precise drawing method that does not cause wrinkles.

Product specifications

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Examples of uses

  • Molybdenum discs for IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistors)
  • Insulation parts for X-ray devices
  • Glass melting electrodes
  • High-temperature furnace materials
  • Mesh antennas for man-made satellites

If you have any inquiries, please contact us.

Open 9:00am-5:00pm (business days)

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