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Message from The President & CEO

We are working to build a company that everyone will love. Katsuaki Aoki, President & CEO

Toshiba Materials has constantly been working to contribute to society through our materials and components. Since starting production of Japan's first tungsten filaments for incandescent light bulbs in 1909, we have been providing high functional materials by utilizing our material design technology.

Looking forward, we will aim to contribute to realization of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, through our supply of products for automobile, semiconductor, aircraft, industrial machinery, healthcare, and other applications.

Furthermore, we aim to be a company where employees can enjoy working at our company while realizing the success and satisfaction of our customers and their own growth by responding sensitively to changes in the world. In addition, we will always think from the viewpoint of the customer and the earth, and aim to provide new value, such as products and services that exceed the expectations and imagination of customers.

Thank you for your continued understanding and support as we continue to change through corporate management that values diversity.

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