Prosperous Future

Small Parts that Enable Major Convenience

Prosperous Future

Toshiba Materials produces and develops parts for electronic devices, as well as carrying out research and development for a variety of materials on a daily basis.
We pursue cutting-edge technology that the world has never seen before, to build a Prosperous Future.

LF Antenna Cores

Devices such as radio clocks and the keyless entry systems used in cars contain small antennas just tens of millimeters long. These ultra-small parts accurately receive time information and provide a reliable link between cars and their owners.
In addition to operating reliably, these devices must be strong enough to withstand any impacts that occur during daily use, such as when they are dropped. Previous antenna materials were sensitive to impact, requiring them to be of a certain thickness.

At Toshiba Materials, we believe that in addition to achieving high performance, it is crucial to make parts more compact and increase functional and mechanical reliability. Our LF antennas are highly sensitive, extremely thin and resistant to impact and deformation.

With reliable technical performance and future-focused development, we are paving the way for a Prosperous Future.

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Research and Development

As a material and part manufacturer, Toshiba Materials carries out research and development for a variety of materials on a daily basis. One such material is our tungsten oxide electrode material for secondary cells.

The main source of power for electric automobiles is the electricity stored in their secondary cell. These usually use lithium ion electrodes.

Toshiba Materials uses tungsten oxide instead of lithium ions for its anode materials, creating battery devices with a high power density and achieving ultra-fast charging and discharging in the secondary cells where the anodes are used. The tungsten oxide material that Toshiba Materials has developed for secondary cells enables greater efficiency and more compact cell sizes for applications where regenerative energy is a focus, such as automobiles, elevators and trains, as well as power sources that use a large current (uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), high-current power supplies and stabilized power supply systems).

Toshiba Materials is constantly using its outstanding development capabilities and the know-how amassed throughout its long history to pursue cutting-edge technology for a Prosperous Future.

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