X-ray Devices in Medicine and Security


Toshiba Materials produces and develops scintillators for X-ray detector parts in the medical and security fields.
It contributes with excellent performance and workability, and environmentally friendly materials that suppress harmful substances (*).
*: Some PCVs are included.

Ceramic GOS Scintillators and Sheet Type Scintillators

With X-rays used in examination devices such as medical CT scanners, X-ray diagnostic equipment, hand luggage scanners at airports and devices used to detect foreign matter in food, the safety of these devices is important for ensuring our safety.

These examination devices contain X-ray detectors, with scintillators used to detect the X-rays. A scintillator is a material that generates light when it comes into contact with radiation such as X-rays and gamma rays. This transmits a signal to the photo diode.

Toshiba Materials' scintillators have a high sensitivity and low afterglow thanks to two of our specialties: fine ceramics manufacturing technology and fluorescent material design technology. It contributes to medical and security technologies by using reliable performance and (*) materials that suppress harmful substances such as cadmium (Cd) and thallium (Tl).
*: Some PCVs are included.

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