Notes on Product Handling

  • Before purchasing or using the products shown on this website home page, be sure to consult individual technical papers or delivery specifications and observe their instructions.
    If you are to design and manufacture equipment or products using the products shown, please gain a full understanding of the properties and features of our products to ensure product safety.
  • If you are to apply the products shown in high-risk products, please consult our sales staff beforehand. High-risk products include nuclear products, aerospacial products, transportation vehicles, medical equipment and various safety devices and equipment. Human life and property can be jeopardized by misuse or accident of our products.
    Our company will assume no responsibility for damage where our products are applied in such high-risk products without our consent.
  • Export or overseas delivery of certain products on this website home page is restricted. Such products come under the regulations of the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Laws.
  • Some products on this website home page require export licenses from the US government depending on their destination. Such products come under the regulations of US Foreign Trade Control Laws.
  • Technical information contained on this website home page is intended only to give customers detailed explanation regarding the functions or applications of our products. It does not authorize or license any customer to utilize our own or third-party intellectual property.
  • The contents of this website home page are subject to revision without notice to cope with the latest information.
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