Terms of Service

Terms of Service

This website is operated by Toshiba Materials Co., Ltd. ("the Company"). By using this website, users agree to comply with these terms of service. We recommend checking for the latest details, as these terms of service may change at any time. This website may link to websites operated by companies affiliated with the Company. Use of these websites is subject to the terms of service of each respective website.


The Company and its affiliated companies do not always guarantee the accuracy, usefulness, reliability, safety or any other quality of any information posted on this website, and information on this website may be changed or deleted without prior notice.
The Company and its affiliated companies also do not always guarantee the functionality and safety of this website (a lack of function interruptions, a lack of errors, etc.). Operation of this website may be suspended or terminated without prior notice. The Company and its affiliated companies accept no responsibility for any damages incurred by errors in, changes to or deletion of the content on this website, problems occurring on this website or the suspension, termination, etc. of this website, for any reason.

Intellectual Property Rights

Rights to trade names, trademarks and logos of the Company, affiliated companies and other companies are protected under the Trademark Act, the Unfair Competition Prevention Act and other laws. This intellectual property cannot be used without authorization from the Company or the affiliated company or other company in question.

Prohibited Actions

Users are prohibited from performing the following actions toward the Company or its affiliated companies, any director or employee of the said companies, or any other company, person or organization:

  • Abuse, slander or threats
  • Actions that cause disadvantage or damages
  • Actions that may result in loss of trust in the party in question
  • Actions that are or may be illegal
  • Actions that violate public decency

Linking to This Website

Please take the following precautions when linking to this website.

  • The Toshiba and Toshiba Materials logos cannot be used as links (permission to use these logos must be obtained from the Company upon conclusion of a contract with the Company).
  • Do not post links that do not clearly identify the Company's' website and may mislead third parties.
  • Do not post links in violation of the "Prohibited Actions" section of these terms of service.

Governing Law and Court of Jurisdiction

Use of this website and application of these terms of service is governed by the national laws of Japan. Unless otherwise specified, the Tokyo District Court shall be the first court of exclusive jurisdiction for all disputes concerning this website.

Linked Websites

All websites belonging to third parties other than the Company's affiliated companies that are linked to from or linking to this website ("linked or linking third-party websites") are the responsibility of the respective operators, etc. Linking with this website does not signify a special relationship between the Company and any such operator, etc. of the linked or linking third-party website, nor an endorsement by the Company of the content in the linked or linking third-party website. The Company also accepts no responsibility for the content and use of any linked or linking third-party website.

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