About Copyright

About Copyright

To the customers who browse Toshiba Materials' website

Toshiba Materials Co., Ltd. offers information on the products, services and technologies, hereinafter called "data," and documents, figures, tables, images, pictures, music and their assemblages, hereinafter called "contents" on its website. Toshiba Materials Co., Ltd. and its affiliates have and hold the copyrights of the data and the contents unless otherwise conditioned.

The data and the contents are protected by copyright law. Customers are allowed to use the data and the contents only under the conditions described below.

  1. Customers can use, duplicate, download them only for internal and nonprofit-making purposes.
  2. If customers duplicate or download them, customers shall record the copyright ownership and the allowance conditions with the duplicated or downloaded data or contents.
  3. Customers shall not remake, distribute, broadcast nor put on a screen the data or contents.

The allowance of Toshiba Materials Co., Ltd. does not mean licensing copyright, patent right, brand right, design right or other intellectual rights. Neither does it mean any guarantee of the data or the contents.

If other agreements have been provided for the data and contents, customers shall strictly record the relevant copyright ownership and observe the allowance conditions.

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