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Amorphous Magnetic Materials and their Applications

 There is a magnetic metal material with very unique characteristics that does not have a crystalline structure. At Toshiba Materials, we focused on the excellent magnetic characteristic of this amorphous magnetic alloy and started research and development years ago, anticipating future applications and need for such a product.

 This Amorphous alloy was called "alloy of dreams" at the time when we started our research but in recent years, it has and is finding application in electrical products (desk top computer, copying machine, printer etc.) Amorphous magnetic parts make it possible to energy conservation through downsizing,and minimize electronic circuit noise for electrical products with a product considered environmentally sensitive.

Amorphous ribbons

Amorphous Alloy

 Amorphous alloy is a general term for a metal with a non-crysta lline structure of atoms.

 Regular alloys have a uniformly formed metallic crystalline structure, but for amorphous alloys,the atoms are distributed randomly. As a result of this random atomic distribution, the magnetic properties of amorphous alloys are anisotropic. Also, in addition to an increase of electrical resistivity, thin ribbons are made so that the eddy current losses will be small and the magnetic characteristics will be significantly improved.

 At Toshiba Materials, we manufacture a Cobalt based amorphous alloy by the liquid rapid cooling method. This method of rapid cooling, at a rate of about 1 million degrees per second,prevents the metal from solidifying in an amorphous structure rather than in its normal ordered crystalline structure.

Models of Atomic Arrangement

 Models of Atomic Arrangement

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  • AMOBEADS™ and SPIKE KILLER Noise Suppression Devices
  • Saturable Cores for Mag Amps
  • FS Series Cores with High Magnetic Permeability
  • Highly Permeable Core NZK Series for common mode choke
  • LF Antennas Cores


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It is possible to download a certificate of non-use for 10 regulated substances under the RoHS Directive.

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Target products are amorphous standard products.
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Products Item name
LB4X2X8F LB4X2X8U LB2.8X4.5U
Saturable Cores for Mag Amps MT12S115 MT12S208 MT15S125 MT15S214 MT18S130
MT18S222 MT21S134 MT21S222
MT10X7X4.5W MT12X8X4.5W MT14X8X4.5W MT15X10X4.5W MT16X10X6W
MT18X12X4.5W MT21X14X4.5W
MS7X4X3W MS10X7X4.5W MS12X8X4.5W MS12X8X4.5W-HF MS14X8X4.5W
MS15X10X4.5W MS16X10X6W MS18X12X4.5W MS21X14X4.5W MS26X16X4.5W
FS Series Cores with High Magnetic Permeability FS12X8X4.5W FS18X12X4.5W FS21X14X4.5W FS26X16X10W FS32X20X10W

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Open 9:00am-5:00pm (business days)

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