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Outline of The Company

Outline of The Company

Outline of The Company

Corporate name Toshiba Materials Co., Ltd.
Established October 1st, 2003
President & CEO Takao Shirai
Capital 480 million JPY
Financer Toshiba Corporation
Number of employee 663 persons as of April 1st 2024
Headquarters' address Toshiba corporation Yokohama Complex, 8, Shinsugita-cho, Isogo-ku, Yokohama City
Description of business Development, manufacturing and sales of Fine Ceramics, Phosphor applied Products, High-purity Metals, Magnetic Parts, Tungsten and Molybdenum, Special Metals and Alloys, and other application products.


1909 Started manufacturing Japan's first tungsten wires for electric bulbs.
1957 Started sales of intensifying screens and fluorescent screens for X-ray photography started.
1967 The "Metla Products Division" was established after amalgamation of all material sections in Toshiba.
1971 Established Yokohama Metal Factory at the current Yokohama factory.
1990 Started manufacturing Rhenium tungsten target for medical and industrial application.
1995 Silicon nitride ceramics balls adopted for NASA (US) space shuttle.
1996 Started manufacturing magnetic regenerator material for MRI refrigerator.
1999 Started manufacturing GOS scintillator for X-ray CT system.
2000 Started sales of silicon nitride ceramic balls for wind power generators.
2003 Toshiba Materials Co., Ltd. was established as a company distinct from Toshiba corporation.
2006 Molybdenum mesh adopted as an antenna for technical test satellite Ⅷ "Kiku No.8".
2007 Started sales of silicon nitride ceramics substrates for hybrid vehicles.
2008 Developed visible light responsive photocatalyst Renecat.
2017 Amorphous magnetic parts adopted in heavy ion beam therapy system.
2019 Molybdenum mesh adopted as antenna for small satellite "Izanagi".
2024 Started manufacturing Silicon Nitride Ceramic balls at the new manufacturing building completed at our main factory in Yokohama City.


1995 Certified ISO9001(JQA-0299), covering at Headquarters
1997 Certified ISO14001(EC98J2014)
2005 Certified OHSAS18001(WC05J0004)
2014 Certified JISQ9100(JQA-AS0139), covering Silicon nitride balls of bearing rolling element, principally
2017 Certified ISO/TS16949(JQA-AU0329), covering at Headquarters
2018 Acquired IATF16949(USI:GPSNKR), covering automotive products of fine ceramics and metal, at Headquarters
2020 Acquired ISO45001(WC05J0004)
2023 Certified an IATF16949(USI:G9AXRT), covering at the Oita operations

Map Information

Access by train It will be a five-minute walk to the Toshiba Materials Co., Ltd. office after checking out Shinsugita Station of JR Negishi Line.
Turn left after descending the steps that you can see when you leave the exit gate.
After crossing the pedestrian overpass to the other side of Route 357, you will be in front of the main gate of the Toshiba Yokohama Complex.

Access by car In case of coming by car please use South Gate.
Please note that cars can not pass through the premises during the hours of 7: 45-8: 45 in the morning, 12: 00-13: 00 noon.

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