TRI-R, Toshiba Materials’ LED technology, a light close to that of the sun for human wellbeing, will feature at Lighting Days

Lyon, 13th-14th December 2017


Kumpei Kobayashi, one of the main founders of the TRI-R project and executive fellow of Toshiba Materials has been invited to Lighting Days in Lyon, the renowned international event dedicated to new lighting technologies, to present TRI-R, the LED technology developed by Toshiba Materials in partnership with TOL Studio, which produces natural light similar to that of the sun, designed for human physical and mental well-being.

TRI-R technology – the light closest to the sun for human well-being is the title of the conference, in which Kobayashi will talk about the characteristics of this innovative technology. Drawing inspiration from the current prevalence of LEDs, he will begin with a reflection on the essence of light in everyday life, in history, and in the culture of mankind. Light not only allows us to see, but also acquires a profound meaning in the biological, emotional, and spiritual spheres. This is because, in the evolution of human biological functions, structures and cellular mechanisms have adapted to the natural alternating cycle of sunlight. TRI-R technology is based precisely on this premise and produces “human-centric” lighting. In support of this, the results emerging from a study conducted by the authoritative Centre for Chronobiology at the University of Basel in Switzerland will be cited. This study has examined the influence of light on sleep and on the circadian rhythm in general, addressing conventional LEDs and daylight LEDs that recreate sunlight (as in the case of TRI-R).

In addition to influencing human well-being, the light produced by TRI-R, characterized by a reduction in the blue component peaks and by the uniformity of the continuous spectrum just like in the solar spectrum, does not alter colours, gives sharpness to details and textures without glare, and highlights the micro-textures that characterize the materials. For this reason, it has been applied in significant contexts. Such as museums and artistic settings, where the natural colour hues chosen by the artists are intensified: in the lighting design of the exhibitions on Symbolism and Rubens, both held at Palazzo Reale (Milan, 2016 and 2017). The quality of light is also fundamentally important in interior design and architecture, particularly in the perception of surfaces and materials. In this area, TRI-R technology was applied for the Marco Piva exhibition at the Scuola della Misericordia in Venice (May 2016) for the Biennale of Architecture. Other significant applications have been in the fashion sector, in the CRAFTING THE FUTUREexhibition held in Milan and organized by the National Chamber for Italian Fashion (MUDEC Milan, September 2016) and in February 2017, with the illumination of the new ready-to-wear collection of the historic Capucci Fashion House. In this field, TRI-R highlights the three-dimensional effects in the fabrics, emphasizing their details, colour contrast, and the combinations of various materials. In industrial design, the famous “poet of light” Ingo Maurer has used TRI-R in his iconic Lucellino lamp. Finally, TRI-R also took part in the Smart City exhibition focused on materials and new technologies, presented by Material ConneXion at Fuorisalone 2017.


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