Light + Building in Frankfurt


The new LED TRI-R technology developed by Toshiba Materials is to make its debut at Light & Building in Frankfurt, the largest lighting technology fair in Europe.

The Light & Building booth will feature several recent applications carried out in various fields: museums, food service and industrial product design.

In the museum and art field, TRI-R helps to enhance colour fidelity and the sharpness of the details and textures and allows the “three-dimensional nature” of the strokes present in some painted artworks to be seen. This can be appreciated in the lighting operations carried out for the exhibition Simbolismo (Symbolism), currently being held at Palazzo Reale (Milan, Italy (3rd February-5th June) and in the 2015 exhibition held in the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana in Milan (Italy), in which several masterpieces by Leonardo da Vinci, Caravaggio and Brueghel were illuminated.

In food service, TRI-R was used in the restaurants of the Japanese Pavilion at EXPO Milan 2015 (Italy). There, the properties of TRI-R enabled attention to be drawn to the colours of the food and wellbeing of the environment.

In industrial product design already available on the market, TRI-R features in the iconic Lucellino lamp designed by Ingo Maurer, recreating similar lighting to that of the incandescent bulb presented at the 2015 Euroluce trade show in Milan.


Location : Messe Frankfrut

Date : 13th-18th March 2016

Booth : D46/Hall 4.1

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