Venice – TRI-R the new LED by Toshiba Materials is the Lighting Design Partner of Marco Piva’s exhibition “Designing The Complexity – Materials Colors Textures”

Scuola Grande della Misericordia, Venice Italy – 15th International Architecture Exhibition
May 27th – June 20th 2016 – Opening 27th May 7 p.m.


TRI-R, the new LED technology developed by Toshiba Materials in collaboration with TOL Studio, has arrived in Venice for the opening of the 15th International Architecture Exhibition. TRI-R is the Lighting Design Partner of the exhibition “Designing The Complexity – Materials Colors Textures”, presented by Marco Piva at Scuola Nuova di Santa Maria della Misericordia and opening on the 27th May.

The natural light produced by TRI-R, similar to that of the solar spectrum, gives sharpness to details and textures without altering colors, respecting the circadian rhythm associated with human wellbeing. These properties induced world-famous designer Marco Piva to choose TRI-R for this significant exhibition dealing with the theme of design as a tool for research, aesthetic and functional invention. The story unfolds through the design universe of Studio Marco Piva, in a set-up where the tactile and visual perceptions of materials take a leading role, enhanced by the careful use of top-quality natural and artificial lighting, including TRI-R light, which illuminates large colored and textured panels.

It is framed by a spellbinding location — the newly restored building of the Scuola Nuova di Santa Maria della Misericordia, attributed to Sansovino, with a hall frescoed by the school of Paolo Veronese.


The quality of TRI-R lighting

Thanks to its reduced blue component and the uniformity of its continuous spectrum,OTRI-R produces white light similar to that of the sun, which safeguards the circadian rhythm, man’s natural psychophysical and biological balance. This is the subject of research by several international universities, where the influence TRI-R and conventional LED lighting have on humans is being studied.

TRI-R can make a significant contribution to the design of architectural space in the broadest sense and, in particular, to hospitality areas in which personal wellbeing is important.


Recent applications of TRI-R

At the recent Lighting & Building trade fair in Frankfurt, TRI-R was applied to contexts in which lighting quality is a priority: within the scope of art museums – in the Symbolism exhibition held at Palazzo Reale (3rd February-5th June 2016 Milan), industrial design, in Ingo Maurer’s Lucellino and Lumina’s Daphine lamps, and the medical field – for several surgeries in Japan.

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