DESIGNING THE COMPLEXITY : Materials Colors Textures

The Project as a research tool


In Venice, in conjunction with the opening of the 15th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale, Marco Piva have inaugurated with success his own exhibition “Designing The Complexity – Materials Colors Textures”, focused on the aesthetic and functional research behind the contemporary design planning.

The location is the “Scuola Grande della Misericordia”, a building attributed to Sansovino, an Italian sculptor and architect of 1500, just reopened after 40 years, due to the renovation works by “Gruppo Umana”.

The exhibition is displayed at the ground floor, which is divided into three naves by twin columns, while upstairs, in the great hall, it’s possible to see frescoes painted by Paolo Veronese‘s school.

The exhibition starts from the theme of architecture, which is presented “in action”, through 6 videos that illustrate the design’s activities of Studio Marco Piva, each one focusing on individual aspects necessary for the realization of an architectural or design work.

The aim is to narrate the design process: from the concept phase to the development, through the selection of materials, technical design and construction phases, until the completion.

An indispensable research path in today’s design, that reveals the soul that lies within each work.

From theory to practice, the exhibition then shows the connection between architecture and the materials from which is composed, presented by the companies that support the intense researches and experimentation activities of Studio Marco Piva.

Different materials installations show the evolutionary possibilities that the research in the use of materials, combined with the latest technology, permits.

A contrast between different, but complementary, beauties: on one hand, the timeless charm of the past, and on the other the possibilities of the present, to build-up a future of excellence.

A set-up that, mixing-up with the history of the place, explore the tactile and visual perceptions of the materials. Marble, stone and quartz, ceramics, glass, metals and colours at the service of the architect and of the contemporary design, but also a tribute to an architectural and design culture that creates one of priceless value of the Italian heritage.


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Main Design Partners

Oikos, an Italian company specialized in the production of colour and materials for excellent surfaces, presents with Marco Piva a collection of 7 new shades, 7 Chromomateric Stations”, with a custom-designed colour

scale reflected in the carefully chosen selection of new materials and colours, fruit of a continuous quest for aesthetic magnificence and a perception of colour as an element that serves to link and balance nature and product.


TRI-R, the new LED technology developed by Toshiba Materials in collaboration with TOL Studio, illuminates the seven chromomateric Oikos stations

The natural light produced by TRI-R, similar to that of the solar spectrum, gives sharpness to details and textures without altering colors, respecting the circadian rhythm associated with human wellbeing.


Design Partners

Casale del Giglio, Wine company,

Eambiente, Environmental consulting company

Ege Carpets, Design, development and production of high quality carpets

Essequattro, Custom-made furnishings for interiors offering turnkey solutions.

Gruppo Euromobil, Coordinated and distintive designer furniture in a total home,

Inalco, Large format and slim thickness ceramic collections.

Okite, The stone of the third millenium,

Piavevetro, Exclusive italian windows,

Planium T-Group, Modular and self-locking flooring systems

Valorizzazioni culturali, Management of cultural heritage


Photo by Luca Casonato

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