Daphine lamp – LUMINA ITALIA

LUMINA ITALIA was founded in 1975 by designer Tommaso Cimini. “Daphine” announced at the beginning of the founding has been highly evaluated as a completed design still over 40 years now. TRI-R was adopted as the light source of that “Daphine” and it was reborn as “Daphine TRI-R”.

“New Daphine is based upon the philosophy of “Perfect Light” which Mr.Ettore Cimini and people of LUMINA ITALIA S.r.l. have been pursuing. Now we are very proud of being given the opportunity to assume a part of the evolution of this timeless masterpiece.”
Kumpei Kobayashi (TRI-R project founder, Executive Fellow of Toshiba Materials)



“Lumina has always been on the look-out for innovative technologies and new materials in order to give to its customers a top range product in terms of quality, ergonomics and long lasting.

In the last few years we have internalised the majority of our manufacturing process. Today, thanks to our modern production technologies, we are able to select our raw materials and use the most innovative engineering solutions. A modern painting unit, as well as the assembly and testing departments, grant an exclusive final product, reliable and time enduring.

Light, for us, is the most important of raw materials.

This is why we decided to collaborate with Toshiba Materials and to get involved in the TRI-R project, in May 2015, in the search of the Perfect Light.”

Ettore Cimini (CEO LUMINA), January 2018





Daphine TRI-R


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