COB Specification Update 2016


TRI-R COB Specification Update.

TRI-R COB achieves 90lm/W efficiency, the world’s highest level for ultra-high CRI.


TRI-R Basic characteristics

  • Based on the TRI-T philosophy of being “the best LED light source for living organisms,” TRI-T light sources feature a special spectrum that recreates sunlight.
  • In the most commonly-used color rendering indices (CRI & CQS), the light sources have achieved high color rendering: Ra97 & Qa97. Since the lights can reproduce the spectrum of sunlight—not just on a graph, but on actual objects—they can show things as they are, in vivid color and true-to-life.
  • Designed to meet the international Zhaga standard.
  • When designing light equipment, we take into account light distribution layouts and arrange the LED elements to obtain an even distribution of light. Even at the boundary between light and shade, no separation of color occurs, so we have a higher degree of freedom in designing our fixtures

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