TRI-R is recommended as the LED bulb for the Bunaco Lamp

As part of a quality Japanese brand, Bunaco Lamps have received high marks not just in Japan, but around the world—and VIVOLUMO bulbs are recommended as their LED lighting source.

The beautiful light with a unique reddish tinge that is created by shining a warm incandescent light through beechwood is recreated with the use of LED bulbs—and of the many LED bulbs on the market, VIVOLUMO is recommended as the optimal choice.


BUNACO production method

  1. Take a Japanese beech tree log and cut it in rotary fashion around 1 mm thick, then process it into a sheet of around 2 meters length
  2. Cut the beech wood sheet into strips of around 1 cm width
  3. Coil and overlap the strips of beech wood around the core wood
  4. A skilled person completes it by extruding the coiled material little by little
  5. Special paint finish
  6. Finished product



1-5-4 Toyohara, Hirosaki-shi, Aomori-ken, 036-8154 JAPAN

BUNACO was founded in 1956 Aomori Japan. Buna means beech(wood) in Japanese. Aomori is located in the northern part of Japan and has great numbers of beech trees. Our products were born to use the nature’s gift as eco-friendly and flexible designed wares.

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