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History of light initiated with bonfire and flaming torch, and with the progression of science and continuous developments of light sources, it transformed into numerous forms, from candle to oil lamp to incandescent lamp to fluorescent light.
Recent years, light environment that surrounds our lives dramatically evolved with the full-scale spread of LED light source.

LED is a very attractive light source- not only it contributes to environmental sustainability and is eco-friendly; it progressively raised the degree of freedom in selections of its setting environment, light colors and with control.
Though when recalling over past 200 million years, sunlight and fire were the human’s light sources of lighting. It has only been couple decades since we utilize LED light source as our lighting.

“Is there Really No Influence on Our Body by LED, the Latest Light Source of a Mankind History?”
TRI-R Project started since 2008 by Toshiba Materials Co., LTD., with this simple question to achieve in developing, “Optimum LED light Source for Our Body”.

What TRI-R Project thinks of the light most suitable for our body, is the ‘sunlight ‘that every living creature has benefited from throughout our history. Sunlight has consecutive wavelength components of color. What is call spectrum is the division of wavelength components by color.

TRI-R Project focused on sunlight spectrum, and by essentially removing detrimental ultraviolet rays and infrared rays with high radiant heat, we succeeded in developing, ‘high-quality spectrum that’s most optimal for our body’, with the combination of Purple LED and phosphor technique of patented technology.



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