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Tungsten Oxide Electrode Materials Enabling Ultra-Fast Charging and Discharging

April 3, 2018

Tungsten Oxide Electrode Materials Enabling Ultra-Fast Charging and Discharging

Toshiba Materials is developing tungsten oxide powder as an electrode material for new battery devices. The electron conductivity and lithium ion diffusion of tungsten oxide powder can be improved to achieve ultra-fast charging and discharging. This material makes it possible to build battery devices with high power density, which will enable smaller and lighter devices in areas such as energy regeneration and large current sources.


  • Fine powder several μm in size, enabling use in lithium ion battery electrodes.
  • Much greater capacity (energy density) and charge/discharge speed (power density) than conventional electric double layer capacitors.
Rapid charging/dlscharging graph table image images Charge/discharge capacity graph

Charge/discharge properties of our product: 1Ah cell, charging: 0.2C CC-CV 2.65V, discharging: 0.2C CC 1.5V)

Examples of uses

  • Anode material for lithium ion batteries
    1. Applications with a focus on energy regeneration properties (elevators, micro/mild hybrid vehicles, trains)
    2. Applications requiring a large current or capacity (uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), large current sources, power supply stabilizers)

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