Ceramic Insulating Heat Dissipation Substrates (White Tile, Plain Substrates)

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Aluminum nitride ceramics:
White tile (plain substrates)

Our aluminum nitride ceramic substrates are among the world's best for heat dissipation. Our insulating heat dissipation substrates have thermal conductivities ranging from 160 to a maximum of 255W/(m K), making them ideal for areas requiring high heat dissipation or those requiring a somewhat thick substrate that can withstand high voltages.
They are also ideal for use as semiconductor substrates as they have a similar thermal expansion rate to silicon, silicon carbide, gallium nitride and gallium arsenide chips.

Aluminum Nitride Ceramics: White Tile (Plain Substrates)


  • Extensive range with among the best heat dissipation in the world
  • We also have a range of substrates with thin metallized film.Link

Comparison with other materials

Comparison with other materials : Aluminum nitride ceramics
Material Alumina Alusil AlN Si3N4 (SIN)
Al2O3 (ZDA,ZTA) [TAN-170-250] For electronic applications For structural applications
[TSN-90] [TSN-03]
Thermal conductivity
20-30 24 160-255 85-95 20
Bending strength
310-400 500-600 300-450 650 1000
Fracture toughness
3-4 5-7 2-4 5-7 6-8
Linear expansion coefficient
7.1-8.1 7-8 4.5-4.6 2.6 3.0
Dielectric strength
>12 >14 >14 >14 >14
Relative permittivity 9-10 12 8-9 7-9 7-9

Product specifications (Standard design)

Product specifications : Aluminum nitride ceramics
Item Unit Aluminum nitride (AlN) Silicon nitride (SiN)
TAN-170 TAN-200 TAN-230 TSN-90
External dimensions mm Max. 160×160 φ210 Max. 160×160 Max. 100×100 Max. 170×130
Tolerance Standard: ± 0.2mm (laser cut) ± 0.15mm (laser cut)
Thickness mm 0.4-2.5 0.4-1.5 0.635 0.32/0.635
Tolerance Standard: ± 10% ±0 .02mm (polished) ±0.05mm
Warping mm 0.4% or less 0.4% or less (≤50mm)
Surface processing - Standard: Blasted, lapped, mirror polished, no surface processing Blasted

*The value of a table is not a guaranteed performance.

Examples of uses

  • Bases of thick film, thin film and microcircuit substrates
  • Resistance chips (chip resistors)

Benefits for customers

  • Higher output
  • Smaller size

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