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Sunlight spectrum reproducible white LED (TRI-R)

Sunlight spectrum reproducible white LED (TRI-R)

The cutting-edge LED light source technology faithfully reproducing the spectrum of sunlight

TRI-R is not just any LEDs, but is the superior technology of state-of-the-art purple exited LED. TRI-R enables to reproduce natural, smooth and continuous spectrum of sunlight faithfully within the range of visible light with advanced purple excitation system and our patented phosphors technology.


TRI-R Technology

TRI-R product Sunlight spectrum

On TRI-R, all of the purple light emitted from Purple LED chips is converted by phosphors to lights which are principally three primary colors, red, green and blue. These lights are mixed to form white emission. High peak intensity in the blue light range and low emission intensity are not observed.

Orainary blue LED based products Sunlight spectrum

Phosphors are irradiated with a fraction of blue light emitted from Blue LED to convert yellow and red lights. The lights emitted from the phosphors are mixed with the original blue light which is not converted by phosphors to form white emission. High peak intensity in the blue light range and low emission intensity@ between Blue and Green are observed.

Excellent Color Rendering of TRI-R

CRI Ra98 TRI-R CRI Ra96 Convetional LED CQS Qa96 TRI-R CQS Qa90 Convetional LED

TTRI-R marks extremely high rate on two scales. On average color rendering evaluation index, CRI, it marks Ra97. Also, on color quality scale, CQS, it marks Qa97. TRI-R is able to light object equivalent to under sunlight.

Product Lineup

SEOULSEMICON announced "SunLike powered by TRI-R"

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